Monday, October 10, 2005

Wave World Municipal Children's Miniature Golf Emporium

I was going to write about a really weird advert I've just seen, but then I remembered I'd decided to write about something other than TV tonight. So the reason why it inspired the title of this post will have to remain just one of those mysteries. Until tomorrow, at least.

Instead, let's talk about pictures of me. Always an entertaining topic, I'm sure. Sam's comment today about having to get a passport-sized photo for a railcard reminded me that I'll have to do the same. Not for a Young Person's Railcard, obviously, seeing as how I'm such an Old Person, but for a monthly season ticket to Burton-on-Trent when I start a new job.

I haven't got many pictures of myself, but I do have, somewhere, a collection of old passport-size mug shots that I've had taken over the years for one reason or another and obviously only used one or two out of the four. They date back to when I was about 17, and it's fun to chart the progression of my facial features over the last ten years or so.

There's my largely unsuccessful attempts to look like a long-haired layabout, the unflattering moustache that I genuinely thought looked good on me when I was 20, the debut appearance of the hat looking all shiny and new in 1999, the gradually disappearing hair on top of my head over the years, culminating in the latest ones, from early 2003, with stupidly long beard. I didn't grow the beard because I thought it looked good, incidentally, it was just the realisation that the time I spent shaving every morning could more profitably be spent lying in bed a bit longer.

It'll be fun to add a new set of photos to the collection. While I'm at it, I might see if I can replace the one currently in my passport. It dates back to mid-2000 and really doesn't look anything like me any more. I get all kinds of funny looks whenever I travel abroad with it.

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Sam said...

I'm sure you can just cut it out and paste in a new one.