Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Now we're cooking on gas!

Am I leaving it too late to make a fruit cake? Most of the recipes out there seem to expect you to make the thing weeks in advance of eating it. They don't explicitly say that it will kill you if you don't, so it's probably okay. Anyway, Crispy's promised a cake anyway, I'm only making one because I had one of those irresistible urges. And I'm making a trifle and jelly and blancmange and things, and I'm sure it's not possible to go wrong with those.

No more work till Monday! Things I need to do before the party on Saturday:

Pick up that pile of books in the bedroom and arrange it a bit more tidily.

Hoover the place so it's not quite so obviously filthy.

Acquire some beanbags and cushions and things so there's something for everyone to sit on (apart from the floor).

Go shopping and buy the bits of equipment I didn't think to buy earlier (a whisk being the main one) and the ingredients for the aforementioned cake. Also booze.

Make the aforementioned party goodies.

Move the sofa into the bedroom so as not to get in the way. It's uncomfortable and falling apart, so sitting on it probably isn't an option at the party.

Meet that TV producer guy and find out whether I want to be in a documentary or not.

Hmm, just had a phone call from Step asking me exactly what day my birthday is, and how old I'm going to be. Sounds like he's planning something. Perhaps he's going to check my horoscope for Saturday to make sure I'm not going to be struck by lightning or some other party-cancelling calamity before he gets on the train. Ah well.

The picking-up-books-and-then-hoovering thing was going to be tonight in my original plans, but I've decided to watch the football and generally not bother instead. England are playing reasonably well, for a change, although they haven't managed to score a goal yet, 25 minutes in.

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