Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I've been everywhere, man

Stealing ideas for blog topics from Sam again, I've produced this map highlighting all the countries I've been to:

create your own visited country map

That's just pathetic, isn't it? I've been to nine different countries including this one, or 4% of the world. And most of them don't count - I've only passed through Belgium a couple of times on my way somewhere more exciting, and my visits to Italy and Switzerland were day trips while on a school trip to France, back at the dawn of time or thereabouts. And it seems silly to have Alaska highlighted in red like that, just because I've been to a couple of the less arctic states.

It's always been one of my many life's ambitions to travel to every country in the world, in alphabetical order. That last bit is very important - it seems to me that any old fool can visit every country in the world, so I'd need to find a unique way to go about it. That's an ambition that'll have to wait till I'm a millionaire, though. Or if Danny Wallace or Dave Gorman need a new adventure, it sounds like their kind of thing. There's probably a TV series in it somewhere.

Anyway, I'm not likely to be a millionaire any time soon if I succumb to temptation and bid on this. Assuming it's not some kind of con, the guy's selling all his worldly posessions, among them no end of cool things that I'd like to have - electric guitars and drums! Digital cameras! And a cuddly white tiger!

I can just see my new place furnished with all this junk. It'd be like buying someone else's life. It's not terribly sensible of me to be considering bidding on it, but consider this - he lives here in Derby, next month is going to be the one time in my life I'm ever going to have more or less that much money in my bank account, I am (as mentioned the other day) in a very impulse-purchase frame of mind at the moment. The universe wants me to bid on this.

It's worth mentioning that I'm probably more in debt than this guy, but I've always believed in buying lots of material goods in case inflation or economics devalue all your money, and it's about time I started putting this firm belief into practice. And I want an entertainment centre.

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Sam said...

You're going to need a wee bit more than £5,600...