Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Less talk, more whistling

I had to do an unusual amount of talking at work today, and it's given me a sore throat. Do I really talk so little that it does me harm when I do it? I need to talk more.

Also, what is with that Colgate toothpaste advert I just saw on TV that uses the Caillou theme tune as background music? Also, why do I immediately recognise the Caillou theme tune when I hear it on telly? It's an American pre-school cartoon that I've never watched with any kind of regularity, even though I watch a lot more American pre-school cartoons than normal people. It's obviously really catchy.

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Anonymous said...

Like a surprising number of cartoons aimed at pre-school audiences, Caillou is actually voiced and animated in Canada. The protagonist's French name leads me to think the books might've been written here too, but I'm less certain of that...

Anyway, the theme is indeed catchy, but is it possible the tune itself is public domain and is being used by both separately?