Monday, December 04, 2017

Amazing Alex Mullen

He did indeed blow away the rest of the world's greatest memorisers, finishing with a new world record 15.612 seconds (because these new-fangled devices record it to the thousandth of a second instead of the hundredth) in speed cards! It was a sensational kind of competition, and the live-streaming was a million times cooler than any memory competition ever before! Multiple cameras, zooms in to the competitors as they fleetingly glanced at the cards before stopping the clock, it was really fun to watch! Maybe there's hope for a televised World Memory Championship yet!

And people are even praising the prize ceremony for pronouncing people's names right, giving the right medals to the right people, knowing what the scores were, not going on until the small hours of the morning, and so on! What am I going to make fun of on my glorious return next year, if this keeps up? Great work from Yudi, Andy and everybody else involved!

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Anonymous said...

It takes me 15 seconds just to pickup the deck.