Friday, September 01, 2017

Spending money

The company I work for is very generous with money - not only do they pay me much more than any sane company would, considering my staggering incompetence, but they also give £250 in Compliments Vouchers to anybody who didn't have a day off sick in the past year (we do academic years, so they end in July).

So here I am with a big pile of vouchers, and no idea what to do with them. The thing is, they don't accept them in any of the kind of places I normally buy things. I suppose I could go to Waterstones or Smiths and stock up on books, but I've already got too many to fit in my flat as it is. I could buy a supply of print cartridges for my nearly-obsolete printer, saving money when it comes to future memory competitions, but that seems a rather unexciting use for the vouchers. I could go to Toys R Us and buy some kind of really big and expensive Transformers toy, as a gift for my brother as and when he ever comes back to the country, but do they get as big and expensive as two hundred and fifty quid? Actually, they probably go way beyond that now. It's a wonder people still buy them.

I did think about buying a new bike from Halfords, but since my existing bike is in perfect working order, that would be a bit silly. And I obviously can't not spend them right now and save them for a rainy day, because come on, that's not me. I tell you, it's a difficult life when everything you buy comes from charity shops.


Anonymous said...

In my own experience, it is generally best to spend vouchers as soon as you get them as otherwise they tend to get forgotten about or lost in relatively short order...

~ JB

Typhoid Ben said...

Wouldn't this sort of incentive potentially have infectious employees come in sick to the office?