Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Reasons to visit Boston

I just found out last night that there's a Bubblecar Museum in Langrick! That's about five miles down the road from Tumby Woodside, where I grew up. And I've always sort of wanted a bubble car. I might have to go there some time.

Possibly even on Saturday, because it's the third qualifying round of the FA Cup, and Boston Town (that's not Boston United, the 'big' team in Boston who I still theoretically support even though I haven't been there for years, this is the smaller local team) have won four games to get to that stage of the competition for the first time since 1980. I should go along and cheer them on against Hyde. United, who are nowadays low enough in the league pyramid that they have to start in the second qualifying round, are also still in it, so I confidently expect the cup final in May to be an all-Boston affair. Buy your tickets in advance, Bostonians!

Also worth checking out while I'm there (might have to hire a non-bubble car and terrify the Lincolnshire locals with my driving), I was looking at Google Maps to see where the museum is, and followed the road up past Tumby Woodside towards Coningsby and Tattershall, only to be appalled to see that Gibbet Nook garage is now labelled as "Lincolnshire Co-Op Filling Station". Gibbet Nook is a name with character, and I want to see it reinstated on maps!

The same goes for Clinton Park school, which is now calling itself Tattershall Primary School. And as for the Gartree renaming itself as "Barnes Wallis Academy"... really, I'm lost for words. If there's one place on earth you could expect to remain unchanged with the passage of time, it's surely rural Lincolnshire. I'm getting old, obviously.

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