Monday, October 24, 2016


I've come across the diaries of Elizabeth Firth on the universal repository of everything that is the internet. She was a woman of no particular significance, and her diaries are quite literally the dullest things ever written, but they're still of interest to people because Patrick Bronte (father of the famous writers) proposed marriage to her in 1821. She turned him down, sensibly enough - she was young and fairly wealthy, he was twice her age with no money and six small children - but that gives her enough of a connection that her brief scribbles documenting which of her neighbours came to tea that day can still be enthusiastically pored over by fans of that kind of thing.

I would quite like to be famous one day for having been vaguely acquainted with someone notorious. I really hope that somewhere in this last decade of drivel I've subjected my blog-readers to, there's a passing comment about someone who in the distant years to come will be considered really cool and important. I can just imagine people of the 23rd century looking back on this and writing inaccurate footnotes to explain what I'm referring to in blog entries either side of the one where I said I was hanging out with the cool and important person.


Anonymous said...

Do people come to your home daily for tea?

I watched the Utube interview of you by Nelson; it was both entertaining and full of great information. Well done by both of you.

Do you trust memoirs?

I figure honest people write autobiographies, and people who wish to manipulate history with entwined fiction are those who write their memoirs.

Anonymous said...

I think he doesn't respond to these things so I don't know what you doing but I did the same thing but she's probably not going to do it right you know I just don't understand these technical things what goes on in the world of the website I do not understand.

Zoomy said...

I'm going to write my autobiography one day, and it will be a pack of lies from start to finish. It'll be fun to read, though!