Sunday, October 02, 2016

I want Chromobots in my Beano!

A great benefit of the Beano's new policy of crediting its writers and artists is the unexpected pleasure of seeing that this week's fill-in artist for the Bash Street Kids is Mychailo Kazybrid!

... You know, Mike Kazybrid! The one who drew back-up strips for the Transformers comics for a little while in the mid-1980s! Well, maybe you have to be my generation to get it, but if you were eight years old when the Transformers first came along, you'll have been as enraptured as me with the two-page black-and-white filler strip "Chromobots" with its thrilling robot adventures, every fortnight until the comic went weekly and changed its format in 1985. It was great, it really was. He also drew the longer-running half-page comedy strip Matt and the Cat, but I never liked that one. Still, it's great to see him still around - or if not him (because you can't really tell from the Bash Street Kids art if it's the same person, since he has to copy the David Sutherland style, and someone else wrote the script so you can't see if it's got his old style of writing to it either) then somebody else with the same unusual name. And there can't be all that many artists called Mychailo Kazybrid, so let's assume it is. I'd love to see more Chromobots!


Mychailo Kazybrid said...

Greetings, really pleased that you like the Bash St KIds artwork. Chromobots, now that's a blast from the past. Yep, I'm still alive 'n' kicking, working behind the board whilst enjoying apple turnovers. Whilst I've worked on a great number of characters over the last 40 years, this ranging from Duckula, Dangermouse to Shaun the Sheep, The Tick etc., I was working with fellow artist, Bambos Georgiou on the Wallace & Gromit daily cartoon strip (The Sun newspaper) for three and a half years. We're on various things at present, but pleased to team up doing Bash St. Kids, i.e. pencils: myself and inks: Bam. Wishing you all the best, Mychailo.

Zoomy said...

It's such a thrill to get a personal message from one of the iconic names of my childhood, I'm sure you can't begin to imagine! Thank you! :-)

Chromobots was absolutely the number one talking point of the primary school playground for a little while there, even outstripping the Transformers themselves! It's certainly stayed with me all these years, anyway...