Saturday, September 03, 2016

Let's get blogging!

First of all, if you haven't seen the Facebook event page for the Friendly Memory Championship, please go and check it out now! Facebook pages for all those other competitions will follow shortly!

Or, if you're not one of those blog-readers who cares about my memory competitions... tell me what you do care about! I need to get back in the habit of writing this thing more often, so I'd love it if people would ask me questions and things in the comments section below, please!

Or if you can't think of a question, you could give me a number. You may recall that I've got thousands of comics lying around the place that I was meaning to get rid of before I moved house. I didn't, but I did make the effort of listing them all in a spreadsheet. There's 3332 of them (a few more turned up while I was moving, but there's 3332 on the spreadsheet anyway), so if you pick a random number between 2 and 3333 (the top row is column headers), I'll write an extensive review of that comic in my blog! I've been meaning to write more random comic reviews, and this is an exciting way to involve my bloglings!


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say I'm necessarily disinterested in your Memory posts, but don't really know enough about it to post anything intelligent in response.

Comics sound good though!

D.O.L. said...

Why is the starting number 2? My number is 0175.

D.O.L's. Mother said...

Column Headers... Dummy

Zoomy said...

175 gets you... Alpha Flight #99! Great choice! I'll analyse it in detail just as soon as I get a chance! Thank you!

D.O.L. said...

You're welcome.