Saturday, August 27, 2016

A bit about me

Because, let's face it, I've rather neglected this blog just lately. I'll try to get into the habit of blogging every day again and deluging you all with trivia related to my life! Here's all the trivia I can think of right now.

I've developed a huge liking for stilton cheese just lately. How can something full of blue mouldy stuff taste so good? It's a bit worrying, really, because my normal diet consists of junk food and sweets, so maybe I'm secretly acquiring cultured tastes? What's next, caviar?

Tomorrow I'm going to go down to London and check out the tail end of the Mind Sports Olympiad. I haven't done the whole week this year, because I'm trying not to spend money to excess, but I found my 1997 official competitor badge while I was moving house, and I need to wear it to this year's event. I'll go along for the whole week in 2017, I think, just to celebrate the 20th anniversary. Wow, that makes me feel old.

Speaking of money, Barclaycard have written to me today to say they're increasing my credit limit by another £4000 unless I tell them not to. They're clever, are Barclaycard, they've obviously got me on their list of 'people who if we periodically increase their credit limit will continue to use it to the full', but I've got one over on them - the chip on my card is broken somehow, so it doesn't work in card readers. Thus the only way I can use my Barclaycard is online, I can't impulse-buy things from shops or nights in hotels with it, which works out nicely for me.

And speaking of moving house, I haven't got a television at the moment. Well, I have got a television (two televisions, actually; I've also got my brother's portable among all his possessions squeezed into my small new flat), but not even so much as a freeview box to allow me to watch live TV with. I figure that my infinite supply of video tapes and video games, and the existence of YouTube and things are more than enough to keep me entertained. Who watches live TV nowadays, anyway? There's never anything on.

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B. Ooger said...

I watch live television. I feel insulted. :! I want about £4000 of stuff sent to me. Thanks.