Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Anyone for tennis?

The coolest thing about the tennis tour finals is the way it's carefully arranged so that there are always extremely complicated permutations of who'll qualify for the semi-finals depending on who wins and loses the last game and by how many sets. It's real nerd-appeal, and there needs to be a memory competition that does something like that, somehow. Make the XMT rules much more complicated and we're onto a winner!

I feel like I should try to analyse whether it's like or unlike the XMT with the way people are always talking about the same players being at the top of the tennis world every year - I'm always intrigued by the way Ferrer and Berdych always, without fail, lurk somewhere between fifth and eighth in the world rankings. Will the usual suspects hang around in the knockout stages of the XMT for years on end, or will things change around?

I say 'should', because I can't really be bothered to draw proper analogies tonight. Maybe another time.

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nELSON said...

I feel like you should just join the XMT board and design all these cool rankings and point systems and such. Such cool ideas.