Friday, October 02, 2015

Ocean's One

I see from my Blogger stats page that someone's been paying attention to my old posts that mention card-counting at blackjack. I haven't had anyone asking me to do that for quite a long time, actually, which is a bit surprising - there's apparently been a movie which I haven't seen, and there's certainly been an episode of the Simpsons which I have, giving viewers the idea that it's something any old gang of idiots can do and guarantees them a vast fortune with no effort or possibility of losing. So I was kind of expecting a resurgence of people contacting me and asking me to go to a casino and win them huge piles of money.

I'm always up for it if anyone really wants to - fly me to Las Vegas for a week, give me a couple of grand to play with and you can have all the winnings. But when I add the proviso that there's still a sporting chance that you'll end up broke (because, card-counting or no card-counting, it's still actually gambling on getting the right cards at the right time), potential investors tend to change their minds.

Maybe I could teach a group of potential casino bank-breakers how to do it properly (I'm not talking about "add one for a high card, subtract one for a low card" here, I mean properly memorising every card that's come out and recalculating the odds on every hand). I could get a reputation as the godfather of the whole blackjack racket and charge huge amounts of money. And get payment in advance, because 99% of people who tried to learn that would give up pretty quickly when they realised how much work it would take to get good at it...

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