Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Here come the muppets tonight!

The new series of Muppets has finally arrived on Sky 1 - they've been hyping it for months, obviously seeing it as a big priority for them, with marketing including making sure it's talked about prominently on social media, which really sums up the whole 21st-century muppet experience: it's unapologetically modern. Which is a good thing; muppets are a timeless concept, they shouldn't be locked in the 1970s. The new show is actually quite a lot of fun, I was pleasantly surprised. The format might turn out to be a bit too restrictive, I can see it getting repetitive, and obviously the general tone is more American than previous series, but all in all it's really enjoyable and I recommend it to anyone, even if they're not muppetationally obsessive!

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Anonymous said...

Setting aside the blatant nudity and implied bestiality; I think it's an okay show.