Wednesday, September 23, 2015

This week I are been mostly doing memory man stuff

They always come in threes - today I've been preparing for my memory-based jaunt to Bristol tomorrow, and talking about the exciting possibility of another TV jaunt to China next year. I was also supposed to be getting a call from the journalist who's writing up the UK Memory Championship, but I think he must have forgotten.

I also bought a new toothbrush, and I was surprised to see that they come in a 'whitening' variety, just like toothpaste does. The packaging says that the bristles are arranged in some kind of special tooth-polishing way, but I'm pretty sure the 'whitening' ones are identical to the 'fresh breath' ones that I opted for. I examined them closely. Also, if I ever get to the point of worrying about what colour my teeth are, you can go ahead and shoot me.

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