Wednesday, April 15, 2015


An additional note to tonight's blog - Yanjaa has given me a good telling-off for referring to names and words as 'nurds' instead of 'nards', so I do apologise for any confusion caused. The official ruling is now that 'nards' means 'names and words' or the people who are good at memorising them, and 'nurds' means 'numbers and cards'. So now there can't possibly be any mix-ups!

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Dai Griffiths said...

That is proper 'nerdy'/ 'nurdy' ?

I'll have to stick with the correct spelling, on account of my spelling nerdiness, desire to turn anything number related into words and general lack of 'nurdiness'.

Once, whilst having dinner, on the even of a memory competition, one of my friends in work said to me something about me going to see my "Uber Geek friends".