Monday, April 27, 2015

Beware the red moon!

It does exist!

Big thanks to Gilby1385 for pointing me to an eBay auction for the one Krypton Force Force Five video missing from my collection! I'm not sure that I particularly want the tape for any reason other than completism - as I've mentioned in my various Krypton Force blogs, I don't really like the Grandizer cartoon, and the artwork on the Orion Quest covers doesn't even seem to be by Marc, so is missing all the so-bad-it's-good qualities you get with his artwork. But hey, from the picture of the box alone I've now got the subtitle, the text on the back and some pretty solid confirmation that it contains the first two episodes of the series, so I'll update the master blog page with the new details!

And let's hope I win the auction and nobody tries to extort money out of me by bidding thousands of pounds...

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