Friday, March 20, 2015

Brain of Britain meets Brain of China

Check out today's edition of China Super Brain! Featuring Robert Fountain versus Roy Lam; Katie Kermode versus Li Wei; James Paterson versus Liu Jian and Ben Pridmore in a cool cravat versus Li Lu!

Here's the complete video:

What a completely awesome show. I hope we get to do it again!


Anonymous said...

Well, that was certainly entertaining even though I'm not quite sure what was happening most of the time due to the language barrier.

I did want to ask, however, given that the competition is out of four, what happens in the event of a tie between teams?

Zoomy said...

If it was 2-2, the international judge chose which of the four competitions was the most challenging, and the winner of that one was the overall winner. She picked the languages one, so Britain would have won even if I'd lost my contest.