Sunday, January 04, 2015

Stupid addictive internet

I feel quite accomplished for having done two practices each day of the XMT disciplines, plus a five-minute binary, this weekend, despite the quite excessive temptation to play compelling games on the internet instead that's been thrown in my path. I really might manage to do a bit more next weekend, in my continuing quest to get back into memory-man mental fitness, but here's what's been keeping me away from memorising...

The World's Biggest Pac-Man - play thousands of differently-shaped levels of Pac-Man, or design your own!

Hectoc - make 100 from any random selection of six numbers, as in 85+1/1+7+7=100

2048 - match numbers together, slidey-puzzle style, until they add up to 2048

There, now you can all spend your time playing these things too! Nyah!

1 comment:

nelson said...

Thanks a LOT. Now, I'm stuck playing addictive games on line. o__O