Thursday, January 01, 2015

Go and qualify for the XMT!

Everyone is cordially invited to try to beat this time and submit it on the training website

You're also invited to set your video camera up in the right position so that your head can be seen - I'm slightly concerned that my video doesn't follow the rules and would get my qualification attempt disqualified if not for the fact that I qualify automatically and I'm only doing this for fun. I hope the people in charge would be generous and let me off the hook if I asked them nicely.

After all, I went to all the trouble of setting my seldom-used video camera up on top of my ironing board and a precarious pile of the first books that came to hand. And looking at the eclectic selection of books made me wonder if I really need to have quite so many books lying around the place - there was "The Reality Dysfunction" by Peter E Hamilton (borrowed from a friend many years ago, never returned and never read), "Still - William" by Richmal Crompton, the Bible (can't claim to have read that all the way through either), "Tawny Talent" by Falcon Travis (book about cub scouts that I've owned since I was a cub scout myself and haven't opened or glanced at since those days), "The Woman In White" by Wilkie Collins and "Under The Dome" by Stephen King.

I did do a time of 22.98 in another qualification attempt, but wasn't anywhere close to getting the recall right...

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