Friday, August 09, 2013

The importance of blogging

Yes, I haven't posted anything here for a month, and I'm terribly sorry about that. But I just checked back in the old posts to see if I've stayed in Rosebery Hall student accommodation before, and it turns out I have, so I'm more convinced than ever of the importance of writing on the internet about everything I do.

I realise I could just keep a diary and not share it with everyone on the internet, but it's more fun this way.

So anyway, I'm going down to London at the end of the month for the UK Memory Championship! Yay! And staying in Rosebery Hall, since it seems to have satisfied me three years ago! I'm currently sort-of in training, in that I haven't done any real training for ages, but I'm doing a nightly Online Memory Challenge, at 8pm British Summer Time, so please come along and join me if you want a chat and a quick test of memory or two!

And I'll start blogging more frequently, just in case I need to refer back to it in future.


Anonymous said...

Oh good, I was just about to complain about the recent scarcity of Zoomy-news!

Anonymous said...

Are you working in a job?

polisny said...
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polisny said...


posting a question here will probably not get a response, but I have been looking for help on a problem with memory I have been having for some time now, though to no avail. If you have a moment and are willing, could I ask you a somewhat technical question? I'll keep it as short as possible.

-Instead of waiting for you to respond "yes," I'll let you decide whether you want to respond, and just ask.

How does one build a really big memory palace? -Often we are told to choose our house or place of living for maybe twenty or thirty images to encode, but not for thousands and thousands. However, when one tries to encode that many images, the loci or, support images themselves, are difficult to recall, especially if one has to attach several images to each locus. For example, if on locus number 2,347 are attached seven images, if the locus itself can't be recalled or one of the attached images is such that it cannot be recalled, all of them can be forgotten.

In one's house or whatever, there are, again, maybe twenty or thirty support images, in simple exercises. Not 4,000.

Also, is it necessary for one to repeat his encoded images and support images for several days or weeks if to remember them completely and for years and years? Does he have to repeat them once a week, for example, if he is to actually remember them for years and years? Or, can he really just encode them, maybe repeat the encodings five or ten times and then be done with it and not need to keep repeating and repeating if to have them truly memorized?

Thank you if you are able to respond.

Anonymous said...

Someone told me they saw you in Faversham Kent recently, is this true or is it mistaken identity?