Friday, June 07, 2013


You know that thing people say, that they only ever look at a clock when it's 11:11? All very psychological. Well, the headlines on the Yahoo news summary that you get when you log in to Yahoo mail, whether you want to or not, have:

Teachers: 11 Not Banned Despite 'Misconduct'

Isle Of Man TT Race Crash: 11 Spectators Hurt

Cyber disputes loom large as Obama meets China's Xi

Not that I paid particular attention to them, but the third one made me stop and think "Obama meets China's Eleven"? What, are they playing cricket or something? It took me ages to readjust my brain into reading "Xi" instead of "XI", all because of those rogue elevens just up above. It's all very psychological.

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Dai Griffiths said...

Eleven is like one and one are the same thing. Equaling Yin and Yang.

A more favourable number to Mr. Xi would be the number eight which is like two circles that reflect a reflection, much like the two number ones. However, the number one is a reflection, thus making the number eleven.

The number eight 'flows' together naturally, unlike the number 11.

Both reflect the yin and yang of reflection.

On reflection, the Chinese number two, when written in Chinese characters, reflects the equivalent of the yin and yang of the Western number eleven.

Number 8 remains perfect. An honest reflection of balance.