Friday, May 31, 2013

It's not just mobile phones

Really, it's any kind of modern technology. I mean, I hear there's some kind of new X-Box or Playstation or something that's just come out, that allows the government to spy on you, or something (or maybe it's just that it's not compatible with some other kind of X-Box or Playstation, but I hear a lot of people complaining, anyway) that I know not even the most basic thing about. Perhaps I should try to learn about these things, but I think I'll stick with playing Bubble Bobble on my Master System. It's a lot more fun than these modern games, according to my limited understanding of them.

I haven't got a microwave, either.


Dai Griffiths said...

Technology is it's own worst enemy anyway Ben. I am one of those rare sad people that actually likes to read the instruction manuals.

Modern phones have the instruction manual on the phone so, you have to know how to use them in order to get to the instructions and learn how to use them.

Bill Gates, as far as I was aware, was known for his intelligence. I'm surprised he didn't spot the glaring error in this method.

A more worrying glaring error is that microwaves do provide instructions. In those instructions it says that microwaves are perfectly safe to use. Later on in the manual, it goes on to instruct you of the dangers of looking into the microwave. It seems this is not good. Still I don't get this. Do the microwaves escape by some attraction to eyes and possibly microwave your brain instead of the food should you look through the window ?

If we all suddenly lose the plot or our brains turn to jelly or something but, you remain unharmed, it will be a good guide to manufacturers, leading them to the possibility that some kind of waves are affecting the population.

I imagine they will use you as a guinea pig to find out what's different about your brain and put you inside a brain scanner. Oh, the irony.

Even more ironically, again, I can't read the capture letters that are generated by a computer to stop computers generating ways to read capture letters so, I had to copy and paste this message in case I lost it.

Chris said...

A classic indeed, but have you been introduced to MAME? It lets you play the actual arcade machine code itself on your PC, rather than a console version of the original game. Granted, it's a bit fiddly to get started, but well worth the effort.

Also, I was delighted to read about this fascinating-looking fan hack of the game!

Zoomy said...

I used to have MAME on my laptop a few years ago, but I had to get rid of it because I was literally doing nothing else but play old arcade games. I might have to re-install it for Lost Cave, though, it looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Bubble Bobble, though, I prefer on the Master System, because that was the first version I ever played...