Friday, April 26, 2013

Adventures on the high seas

I had a really great dream last night, in which an acquaintance who happened to be the captain of a cruise ship gave me the job of first officer. As well as getting to wear a very swanky uniform, my adventures on the first day of the job involved a robotic ship's cat's heroic struggles against an evil genius rat called Boris (with apologies to the memory man Boris Konrad, who must have been on my mind at the time, but who isn't an evil rat in any way, shape or form), and a trio of armed women occupying one of the first-class cabins (although the guns turned out to be toys that fired harmless indoor fireworks). The job also paid £90,000 a year.

So now I really want to work on a cruise liner. I'm sure it will be exactly like that.


Dai Griffiths said...

Other international megastars have also come to the same conclusion. I saw on the news recently that musicians and groups are spending their later years playing on cruises.

Maybe you could start a memory championship. The Mediterranean Memory Championship perhaps.

Boris said...

my plan to infiltrate your dreams seems to start working ;)

I have been working on cruise ship in 2011! Not as an officer, but as an entertainer/memory trainer. :-)