Thursday, December 13, 2012

The World Memory Championships are go!

We've had the competitor briefing, at least. It's in a school sports hall, complete with basketball nets, cricket nets, vaulting horses and the like, so at least we won't get bored if we want a break from memorising. Huge praise should go to Dominic, Chris, Jennifer, Gaby, Nathalie and whoever I've forgotten for running everything smoothly. Being me, I was most entertained by Chris constantly adjusting the volume and mix on the microphone while Jennifer was trying to talk.

So tomorrow it's names & faces, binary and hour numbers - funnily enough, the three long events from the Memoriad, so I can't complain that I've had no practice at all. Except for names and faces, I did better than I expected in Turkey three weeks ago, so maybe I'll do the same tomorrow? Who knows? But since I'm going into the competition with no expectations, I suppose remembering a single digit will be a pleasant surprise!

For a rather better preview, please go and check out Johann Randall Abrina's blog!

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Johann said...

Thanks for the shout out Ben! Hope your first two days went well. Your latest post got me curious about that sex, violence, and memory conversation you had with the swedes. Hehe. Good luck with the rest of the events!