Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Alas, poor 0111010100

I see on the news that they've found the head of former EastEnders actress Gemma McCluskie. I know it's a fairly gruesome subject to be casually blogging about, but I feel I should mention that the character she played, Kerry Skinner, is one of my 2704 mental images, so I've probably thought about her quite a lot more than most people over the years since her few months as an EastEnders character in 2001.

Or, to be honest, I probably haven't been picturing her all these years, because I think I got her mentally confused with Kelly, the very similar character who replaced her as Zoe Slater's best friend, and so I think I see someone rather looking rather more like Kelly than Kerry whenever the number 724 comes along. Indeed, when I was on Japanese TV, I mentioned Kerry as one of the images I used in a particular journey, and I'm fairly sure they illustrated it with a picture of Kelly.

The moral to all this rambling? Nobody should have their head chopped off and then not found for six months, but it really makes me think I should maybe tell some of the minor celebrities among my characters that I mentally picture them when I'm memorising a pack of cards. It might cheer them up. Or horrify them, depending on temperament.

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