Friday, August 17, 2012

Not so fine and dandy

So, apparently the Dandy comic is going to cease production soon, after 75 years of publication. And after I was sort-of mostly nice about it in my blog last year, too. I expect the Beano will follow suit before too long - it's made up of about 95% reprints nowadays, so obviously they're penny-pinching. It's very sad, but I remain convinced that the reason children don't buy comics any more isn't the wider availability of cartoons and internets, it's that comics nowadays really aren't very good. I bet you could still make a profit with a really genuinely good Beano-style comic with the kind of things kids like in it. When I'm a millionaire, I'll launch my own (somebody else will write and draw it, by the way) and see if I'm right.

And speaking of children, what is it with the train from Belper to Derby? I usually cycle home from work, but if I'm working late like yesterday, or if it's raining like today, I take the train, and it is always for some reason filled with at least four or five different families full of screaming kids. Any time of the day or night, I've been on the 3:58, the 7:58 and everything in between, it makes no difference. Where are they all going, and why?

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