Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oliver lives in Cromwell Road

This is new. Or new to me, anyway - did you know there are at least three roads in England called Pridmore Road? One in Coventry, one in Corby Glen near Grantham, one in Snodland, Kent, wherever that is.

I need to buy houses there. It had never occurred to me before that Pridmore might be a name that people named roads after. Pridmore Road in Coventry even has a primary school, apparently named after an influential city councillor! I not only need to live there, I need to adopt some children, rename them appropriately and send them to that school, so that they can claim it's named after them and boss everyone else around. That's the kind of start in life that's important.

There are Pridmore Avenues in California and Australia that I can have as my holiday homes.

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Ace* said...

Corby is just down the road from me - buy a house in Corby!