Friday, March 16, 2012

Payments from Lulu

Every month, send me a small amount of money from the sales of my book. What surprises me about it is that having sunk to a low of £21.46 a couple of months ago, it's sharply risen again this month, so it's practically as high as it's ever been.

28-Apr-11 £35.52 GBP
31-May-11 £38.56 GBP
29-Jun-11 £48.51 GBP
29-Jul-11 £47.80 GBP
30-Aug-11 £55.22 GBP
29-Sep-11 £39.44 GBP
17-Oct-11 £42.56 GBP
17-Nov-11 £33.49 GBP
14-Dec-11 £26.58 GBP
16-Jan-12 £21.46 GBP
17-Feb-12 £37.64 GBP
16-Mar-12 £47.29 GBP

This is just "How To Be Clever", you understand, the book that I give for free to anyone who wants it, that I warn you is rubbish and that I don't really consider a real book as such. Who's still buying the thing? It's not like I've publicised the book at all.

Still, I'm very grateful to all those buyers (although obviously they don't read this blog, or they would just have emailed me and got a free copy), because that's an extra £474.07, less whatever tax I have to pay on it (it's complicated, it takes money off for American sales and leaves you to pay British tax yourself, I think - I'll work it out by the time tax returns have to be filled in) in my bank account, which is certainly welcome. Maybe next financial year there'll be another memory book to join it? And the kind of book that I just sell to people and don't let them read for nothing! I'll be a millionaire yet! Or a hundredaire, anyway.


gotham gerrard said...

Hi Ben , recently read Joshua Foer's Moonwalking with Einstein and have ever since been madly trying to memorise stuff . I saw a reference to your book "How to be clever" in Foer's book and have been trying to get my hands on it , but sadly couldn't find your book anywhere here in INDIA , tried even the Indian online shops . It would be very kind of you if you could mail me the book . Thank you . P.S - Im fascinated by your ability to memorise a deck of cards in 24 seconds , salute .

Katy said...

Ah, that must explain why sales are up.

Zoomy said...

Anyone who wants the book, including Gotham above, should email me on zoom_zoom_ben curly-a-symbol, please. Warning again - it's not great.

Anonymous said...

You're far too modest. It's a great book, full of surprises!

gotham gerrard said...

Thank you ben . I have mailed you a request . Off topic , just looked up the internet and found there is a memory championship in India too , probably doesn't match your standard but would you consider coming here to participate in it ?

Zoomy said...

I don't really consider standard of competition when I'm deciding whether or not to go to a championship - it's who I get to meet there and whether I can afford it. But I think the Indian Championship is still open only to Indians at the moment, so I can't take part in it...