Thursday, March 29, 2012


Can I urge everyone to visit It's the language-learning site cultivated (there's a plant theme to it) by Ed Cooke, the memory master who unlike some memory masters I could name has done something useful with the principles and created an excellent website! I've been using it today to relearn all those Chinese characters I learned last year and forgot about, but you can learn pretty much any language ever invented on there if you really want to.

Learn Esperanto (which is probably available on there, although I haven't checked). I firmly believe that everyone should learn Esperanto, and I fully intend to learn it myself one of these decades.

Also, I have to report that my diet, scoff, chomp, isn't going quite as well, munch, as it might. I haven't got the willpower. I have got a big tube of Pringles and a bottle of cherry coke. What's a memory master to do?

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