Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It's Pancake Day, which means it's Lent tomorrow, which seems like a good time to not only give up cherry coke, but also to make sort of resolutions about doing things. And I need the help of you, my beloved bloglings, if I'm going to succeed.

See, I was on holiday last week and had lots of fun, but I came back on Sunday night and wasn't able to click straight in to my resolution about being useful and productive yesterday. Whenever I'm working, I want to be free to do stuff, but whenever I'm not, I miss the big paycheques in my bank account and want to be working again. I've come to the conclusion I'm one of those people who's never happy.

Also, cherry coke is really really addictive. People in the 30th century are going to understand this and look back on this blog and say ahh, poor Zoomy, nobody understood and they thought it was just funny. But I'm just going to have to go cold turkey until they invent cherry coke patches I can wear on my arm. Maybe I can buy supermarket brand cola flavour drink instead and gradually transition to drinking other things?

Okay, so every day, starting tomorrow, I'm going to tell you what useful and maybe money-making thing I've done. And if I don't, any day from now until Easter (when I'll celebrate Christ's glorious resurrection by staying in bed and doing nothing), you have to send me rude and abusive messages.

I should take Sundays off, shouldn't I? Did you know Lent isn't forty days long, it's forty-seven, because Sundays don't count? I didn't know that until I looked it up. I don't think Jesus took Sundays or Saturdays off, did he?

Also, this is blog entry number 1976, it seems. So let's celebrate my birth too, in the year 1976. I spent the famously hot summer gently simmering in my mother's womb, which is probably why I'm so weird, and was born in October to the tune of "Mississippi" by Pussycat. Or at least that was number one, I don't remember ever hearing the song in my life. It's not very good. But did you know that if you type Pussycat into an internet forum with an American swear-word-filter, it censors the first half? Anyway, that's all I know about 1976.


Mike said...

A bit off topic Ben ... but you know how people can request you to blog about something...
Could you blog about the use of the phrase 'puny human(s)' in Marvel comics.

I love that line(s).

I am sure Hulk says it a lot but I doubt he penned it.

Also 'foolish mortal' - that's a good one but I'm not sure if that is comic books or something else.

Zoomy said...

That is a great subject for a blog! I'll need to research those phrases...

"Puny Humans" is definitely a Hulk catchphrase, along with his reference to his alter-ego as "Puny Banner", but I think it had its origins in 1950s B-movies. Likewise, "Foolish Mortal" is very much the kind of thing Thor says in his Marvel comics, but I'm not sure where it came from originally.

We have to thank Stan Lee (and maybe his much-put-upon younger brother Larry Lieber) for making these classic phrases part of popular culture, though...

Anonymous said...

Poor yank sods, when reciting The Owl and the Pussy-Cat by Edward Lear they always must get off rhythm.
Anyway I digress again I went from preparing for memory championship to memorizing poetry, it is really easy and rewarding and not less interesting than memorizing 1000 binaries. You could write a bit on the topic of memory and poetry if got some interesting experience.

Zoomy said...

Memorising poetry used to be fun in memory competitions, but you can understand why they removed it - translating and keeping the difficulty the same across all languages is impossible.

But again, it's only rewarding if the poem is a good one. The ones we had to memorise in the old days were of... varying quality.

My first ever memory performance, incidentally, was memorising "Macavity the Mystery Cat" at a school thing when I was twelve. I was awesome.