Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Oh, you want an update?

Here's the number one thing I learned in 2011 - foreigners don't know what Christmas crackers are. I always thought they were sort of universal things, but it turns out they're exclusively British.

The number one thing I've learned in 2012 so far is that there's a Chinese memory forum that I urge everyone to use some sort of translator on. I haven't had time yet, but I will.


Dale said...

ello, everyone, please call me cotton, welcome to the memory of it to discuss learning and memories
· Wuhan University has its own bar area friends posted
· numeric code
· [media] Wuhan Morning News: University of the child and then into the arms favorites 2011.12.8
· good use of small methods, and foster talented children
· Memory of Nanchang University Area Association has not it?
· Six Thinking Hats
· Share the joy

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben, thank you for your contributions in memory/mental math. I'm a big fan of yours

Big Head Burton said...

This update was quite lame. Thank you.