Thursday, December 22, 2011

Can I just point out...

That's it's the 22nd of December, it's officially winter, and I haven't got my heating on. It's lovely around here at the moment, and I hope it stays that way! I still want to emigrate to Australia (actually, maybe New Zealand, there's an Australian I want to avoid), but I think I could tolerate wintering in England this year if it's going to stay like this.

And I'm sure it is, just because I've been seeing tabloid headlines for the past several months saying "icy horrible nasty snowy weather coming right now, definitely!" and if they've been wrong so far, it stands to reason that they'll be wrong forever.

Meanwhile, please go to and learn things! They've got lots and lots of things to learn there! Enrich yourself!

PS If you're reading this and you're Australian, I wasn't talking about you. It was another Australian.

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Chris D. said...

Latest credible forecasts I've seen suggest a warmer-than-average January and February for the UK, and a cooler-than-average March. Mind you, they also said December was going to be cooler than average, so perhaps they're not so credible after all.