Friday, November 04, 2011

Let's talk about the World Championship

I've been so wrapped up in that other business that I haven't even looked at the scores of the World Othello Championship until today, let alone sat in front of the live coverage of games waving a little British flag!

As we stand at the moment, Piyanat Aunchulee of Thailand is trying to fight off a Japanese team that looks even stronger than usual (Tomoya Toda, Hiroki Nobukawa and Kazuki Okamoto - not people I know, but they certainly seem to know their black from their white). Our own Imre Leader isn't out of touch with the leaders (I'm sorry, but it's really hard to avoid that pun when he's always so high up the leaderboard of any othello championship) after a bad start, but he'll have to do something special to get into the semi-finals tomorrow. Youthful Europeans Nicky and Matthias look like they might yet prevent an all-Asian final day, as does Canada's finest, Tim Krzywonos (who I haven't seen for well over a decade and must say hi to some time). And actually, Matt Vinar from Australia is on five points after eight games, too, so it might yet be a wildly multi-continental top four!

If you're in Newark (fake American Newark, not real Newark down the road from me), go along and cheer them all on!

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Tony said...

Bonum Vesperum Benjamin,
Quomodo vales?
Please attend what will be the greatest show on earth; my World Memory Championship taking place in a city somewhere in Asia soon. No panic is needed. Everything is sorted apart from the venue, sponsorship, attendees and hotels.

Quippe I comprehend your frustration that despite expected global viewing figures of 6.84 billion , we have struggled to get the 40K sponsorship we need but be reassured a solution is around the corner. Chang’s Dry Cleaners have expressed a firm interest provided we mention that they do same day cleaning for half the price.

The World Memory Championship is steeped in history with 20 wonderous years of mental warfare. Who can forget (pun intended) the first World Memory Championship where the great Dominic O'Brien outfought his auntie and his mate to secure his first of a fantastic eight titles. That was the start of the story but Benjamin ‘remember’ that you became part of the story with your victory in 2004 and subsequent wins. Your hat, your beard rapidly became engrained in folklore in the same way Simon’s peculiar head movements during Spoken Numbers and Gunther’s increasingly unpredictable attire have since become.

Prize money is not a concern as I have plenty of my old books and photos to distribute to anyone who finishes in the top 50 in all of the disciplines and the presentation ceremony itself is guaranteed to last under 24 hours this year. Also please be sure to attend the “Celebration of the Extraordinary Perfect Brained Super Humanoids Megapower Mind Dinner” after the event. I have negotiated a price of just £250 per noodle at the “Golden Throne Restaurant”. You can ill afford to miss it even if you can ill afford it in the first place.

Bene Tibi and Flores Magnificos