Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An example of my astonishing memory powers

There was a book I wanted and couldn't find in the shops, so I ordered it on Amazon on Monday. Today, I was in Nottingham, saw it on the bookshelf and thought "Ooh, there's that book I wanted! Excellent!"

So I bought it, and halfway home suddenly thought to myself "D'oh!" And sure enough, there's a little card through my letterbox waiting for me when I get back, saying we've tried to deliver a parcel but you weren't in.


Welsh James said...

Ha ha ha! Well at least you didn't make an embarrassing phone call to the lost property office of Virgin Trains, asking if someone had handed in your treasured copy of Dominic's 'How to Develop a Perfect Memory' which you left behind on the 1735 to Cardiff. The woman thought I was joking!

Anonymous said...

dominic's how to develop a perfect memory.
is not very dear, as a paperback, but as a hardback, its a collectors book, first editions are being sold for up to and exceeding 140 quid!!
i sold mine for just 30 quid, but it was not in great shape.
lets hope that the book you lost was a paperback.

Dale said...

"We have also been informed that there are no cash prizes this year and instead, winning competitors will be presented with special gifts from our hosts."

Wow, the Chinese not only bought the WMC, they bought it cheap. What bullshit.