Tuesday, August 23, 2011

London beckons

Tomorrow I'm going to London! Stay tuned for exciting accounts of Thursday and Friday's competition! I'm staying in a hall of residence, booked at the last minute and refreshingly cheap. This is important, because I've got no money.

I have, however, got a certain amount of preparation under my metaphorical belt (I'm too fat to need an actual belt), and looking forward to the championship. We'll see just how big a fool I do or don't make of myself - I'm alternating between optimism and pessimism with quite alarming mood swings at the moment.


Anonymous said...

*proudly waves a "Go Zoomy!" banner*

Furgo said...

Some snazzy red suspenders would not only allow proper blood circulation to flow to your feet; they would also move you one step closer to the inevitable completion of your "look." And it's virtually impossible to be publicly pants-ed while/st wearing suspenders.

nELSON said...

Dear Ben,

I am in London.