Sunday, June 12, 2011

Can I have a B, please, Bob?

They're showing old episodes of Blockbusters on that quiz-themed TV channel, Challenge! That really was one of the greatest quiz shows ever made, and they really should bring it back. When I was in the first year at school, our form prefect was on Blockbusters - I can't remember what her name was (might have been Lesley) or whether she won anything, but the idea of knowing someone who'd been on telly was really sensational at the time.

A question from today's episode - "What E was invented in 1887 by Lazarus Zamenhof in hope that it would become the world's universal language?"

Suggested answer from Thomas - "English?"

I've always wanted to go on Blockbusters. I got most of the questions right on this one, so I'm sure I'd win big piles of money (£5 per correct answer) and lots of Gold Runs. It'd be great!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Always thought it was the 'P' that raised a titter. :)

Anonymous said...


Astrid Kaardal Halleraker said...


I have read your blog superficially. Because of the difference in age (about 15 years, probably), some posts are not very interesting to me. Like the cartoon stuff, and I d o n 't like fire fighters either, and I don't watch DVD's.

Your achievements in memory sports are admirably excellent. And so is the weight loss, fantastic good work.

Me, a half-old norwegian woman is at your door in search for persons with a natural memory. I remember you wrote in a post about the participants at the championship in Bahrain (by the way, I saw a snap of you on television from this occasion). You added a short comment to each of them in a listing, mentioning whether he or she has a natural memory.

I wish to participate at the Swedish Open Championship in Göteborg in September, as part of the audience(*). Since you travel a lot and meet many different people, can I ask you if you know someone in the age 45 - 55 years whith a natural memory. A father, mother, aunt or uncle to one of the participants, maybe. Someone from Scandinavia perhaps, who is going til Göteborg to cheer the competitors, or for something else.
My intention is to socialize (not at a bar) and make friends. Please give me a hint if you know someone (except Dominic O'Brian), not necesserily among the worlds best . What I wish for is an interesting homepage or blog that you know of, a norwegian, swedish og danish, but english and germans are nice to know too. Are the persons I am looking for active on an internet forum, perhaps?

*On the condition that I get someone to take care of my dog during this particular weekend.

Greetings from Norway,