Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Everyone wants me all of a sudden

Tune in to Radio Nottingham at the crack of dawn (7:15ish) tomorrow morning - they're talking about memory for no particular reason, and asked me if I wanted to join in. And since I'm in such a cheerful mood this week, I said okay. Now I just have to remember to get out of bed in time.

I also got a letter today from the bank, forwarding a letter sent to them by Cerebra, a charity for brain injured children that I've been giving small amounts of money to by monthly direct debit since longer ago than I can remember (I sometimes look at the list of direct debits on my account and usually have no idea what half of them are. I should probably do something about that, really - evil people have probably been taking my money every month without me knowing or caring). Anyway, this letter says I've won a prize in their fundraising lottery, and since I never told them my new address when I moved house two and a half years ago (or maybe even the time before that, five years earlier), they went to the trouble of writing to my bank and asking them to forward the letter.

I didn't know they were even doing a 'fundraising lottery', and I'm not sure that I really approve of charities giving money to people like that. If I give money to a charity, I expect it to go to brain injured children, not to fat lazy slobs who can't even be bothered to work for a living and have got plenty of money anyway. That kind of person gets my goat no end. I was going to tell them to keep the prize when I call them back, but actually now I come to think of it, I'll take it and give it to a different charity, one that doesn't give prizes to people. That'll teach them.

The prize is probably gift vouchers or something, donated for free by some business, but that's not the point.

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Dominic O'briens Liver said...

Radio Nottingham has a live stream, so I'll be listening to you over the web tonight at 1:15am my time.

If the conversation just happens to lull a bit, please make a shout-out to your homeboy in the states, El Liver. Thanks.