Friday, January 07, 2011

Me me me

I thought I'd blog a thing or two about my profile pictures on Facebook, seeing as I just remembered that they exist. They're all really quite good pictures of me, except for one of them, and I very very rarely look good in photos.

This one over here, for example, looks like I'm doing some kind of street performance of memory skills.

I'm not. I'm looking through a pile of business cards, trying to find one of Gaby Kappus's that she could give to someone else. We're in France.

I don't know why I ever made this a profile picture. It's terrible. I think it was just a play on words, on account of it shows me in profile...

Check it out, there was a time when I had some remaining traces of hair on my head, no beard, and the original hat and lucky shirt! How I miss those days!

Me wearing Tony Buzan's hat, because
I'd lost my own, in Bahrain.

This one is from Central TV, which was a great interview, mainly because the TV image seemed to be stretched to make me look taller and thinner. I suspect one of the presenters is anorexic.

This one speaks for itself.

Coolest picture ever.


Aileen said...

I've got some lovely pictures of you, Ben. Do you want one?

Anonymous said...

The last picture - coolest picuture ever, you're right! :-D