Thursday, December 30, 2010

More news from China

Dear Ben

Mr.Guo would like to explain to you why they hold the prize money, New Mind need to pay media publicity, for the hotel, for volunteers, ...etc a lot after the competition
they are really facing a cash flow problem now
but he guarantee as soon as the situation not that difficult, they will transmit the prize money to you
thanks for your understanding and i am really sorry for that

Sounds like it might be a while before I get to roll around in my huge pile of prize money. All those Ferraris and helicopters I bought on credit might end up being reposessed, which would probably be a good thing all in all - they're really cluttering up my spare room.


Bad Santa said...

If you pay someone, don't they cease being a volunteer?

These chicaneries with the prize money are why I don't compete in memory competitions, and I'm really bad at remembering large amounts of information in a timely manner.

I almost said, 'I'm rubbish at' - however I did not because I'm not a conformist to your elite European ways, Mr. Ben. :)

Zoomy said...

I don't understand why there isn't an equivalent American adjective to 'rubbish'. Why don't Americans say "I'm trash at memorizing things," or "I'm garbage at calling refuse 'rubbish' instead of 'garbage'"?

Also, nothing is free nowadays, not even the services of a volunteer. Just pick up the Beano every couple of weeks (although again, you have to be British to do that) - the comic regularly comes bundled with 'gifts' which you have to pay extra for. Santa will be asking you to swipe your credit card next year, to pay the delivery charge.

Anonymous said...

China can find money to bail out the EU and Spain and subsidize American consumerism. They find money to pay for matching track suits for their memory competitors. Yet they have no money for 3rd-place winnings?

Come on, Ben, they are making sport of you.