Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cough, cough, whine, whine, I want sympathy

There's some kind of horrific virus rampaging through our office this week, and everyone's either off with the flu or manfully carrying on with their work and memory training despite runny noses and coughs. I think everyone who does the latter deserves some kind of medal, or possibly deserves locking up somewhere as an incurable loony.

Actually, I think the last time I had a cold was last year around Children in Need time, because I remember whining about it then. So I was probably overdue for some kind of infection.


Funky Bunch said...

If it's the Norovirus I hope you don't get it, well most of the time I hope you don't get it.

Dai Griffiths said...

If it's ebola then good luck Ben !