Monday, October 04, 2010

Cheesecake and cherry coke

I'm sadly and hopelessly addicted to these comestibles at the moment. It's not a good thing. Perhaps I should move to Sweden, where cherry coke seems to be unheard-of. I occasionally go through lengthy spells of just drinking water - the first time, I think, was back in 2003 or so, when I had no job and even less money and realised I was spending a small fortune on coke - but I always end up getting back into the habit again. There should be carbonated-caffeine-patches that you can stick on your arms.

I'm also extremely fat, and I still haven't got all that much money (been spending too much on books and Sweden lately) and coke does give me heartburn and is probably ushering me into an early grave, and I'm fairly sure there's an inverse correlation between the amount of coke I drink and the amount of memory training I do, but I don't seem able to stop. Cheesecake is yummy too.


$ said...

A $20,000 first prize for WMC 2010 is much better than the $3,000 on offer for winning the World Othello Championships 2010. The UK will finally win, at WOC 2010! Maybe.

Zoomy said...

The prize for winning the WOC has been £3,000 every year since the dawn of time, whereas the WMC's top prize is nothing one year and millions of pounds (comparatively speaking) the next. There's some kind of metaphor for life in there, somewhere.

Ace* said...

Cherry coke is awesome (I'm sipping it as I type), yet seems to be a bit of a secret - it's never advertised on TV and they don't even mention it on the coke website! Perhaps you could use you celebrity status to champion it's cause!

Zoomy said...

I remember when they launched cherry coke back in the eighties, with a really cool TV advertising campaign and a collect-ringpulls-and-win-prizes promotion. You're right, I should do everything I can to promote the stuff! Cherry coke: the drink of choice for fat, ugly geeks with good memories!

Mike said...

Hi Ben, I don't know if you are looking around for ideas to do with exercise. I don't think anyone would want you to change yourself at all.

Regular coke has massive calories.
Even if you went to a gym every day but drank regular coke daily, you wouldn't lose any weight.

Mike's exercise regime:
Cross-trainer machines are good and habit-forming.
Walking is good if you walk insane distances.
Don't eat near bed time.
Sleep well (aided by not drinking much alcohol).
Supermarket low calorie meals are great. eg. Tesco moussaka with their mini microwavable vegetable packets mixed in.

Expect good results within months from starting. Expect to feel like no change is happening up until then.


Spencer @ Moo-Lolly-Bar said...

I don't mind Cherry Coke but I much prefer Dr Pepper.