Monday, August 30, 2010

Book report

While in London, I came across the most completely awesome book - "Find Chaffy", by the completely awesome Jamie Smart. It's like Where's Wally, but mixed with Jamie Smart's trademark weird and wonderful sense of humour, and you all really should go and buy it now.

I also found a copy of the first G-Man collection by Chris Giarrusso, which I've been meaning to buy for ages - it's also quite screamingly funny and clever and recommended to everyone. Also, it steals my ideas, but it's probably a coincidence.

And I also bought something by Charles Dickens, but he hasn't got a website yet. It's no wonder he's not cool.


jhc said...

Congratulations on your recent victory!

I am trying out Ben's System, after looking at Lorayne's and the Dominic system. I would love to break the two minute sound barrier! :-)

I was wondering, what your training regimen has been like over the years?



Simp.. said...