Monday, July 19, 2010

It's a real dilemma

Do I move my desk from the spare room into my bedroom? See, my brother's coming to stay for a while on Friday and I have a hare-brained scheme that I can employ him as a live-in slave-driver and make him force me to spend an hour or so every evening doing memory training. But if I have to go into his bedroom to do that, it probably wouldn't work, and it'd certainly smell funny. So I think the only alternative is to move the desk and turn my bedroom into a bedroom-cum-study like a poor student would live in. But moving the desk is tricky, because I put it together myself and skimped on nails and screws, so it's basically just a few pieces of wood balanced on top of each other, and I would almost certainly drop one of the pieces on my foot and fracture one or more of my toes. My toes are extraordinarily long, you see, and so they're basically everywhere, so if anything falls on the floor, anywhere in the world, it lands on my toes.

Of course, my brother, who's an artist, would probably also like to have a desk in his bedroom while he's staying here, but hey, he'll just have to put up with it. I mean, I'm giving him free room and board just because he lives in China and has to come back home to sort his visa and things out, how dare he demand desks from me too? The big ingrate. He can just use the kitchen table. Or, since I've only got one chair and I'm taking that into the bedroom too, on second thoughts he can just sit on the floor and draw. That'll teach him. Just as long as he doesn't drop his felt tip pens on my toes while I'm busy memorising in the next room.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben :-)

I can't help but notice the recurrence of your thought of drawing on the floor and wonder if it was an intentional pun or, if perhaps, subconsciously your brain made you think of it anyway.

I like my dreams and they sometimes tell me things to do that I may have overlooked in the day.

Anyway, I think it's worth you investing in a dream interpretation book with an index of common themes in it. I have two such books and wouldn't want you to miss out on some important thing. Especially if it's related to an upcoming memory competition.

There are common factors in dream books. One, like memory, is the location and the other, as in your dream, is the time of day. Since the time of your dream suggests it was early because of the sun coming up it would seem that there is plenty of time anyway :-)

There are some negative points to the fact that it's on the floor however. Flying implies heading for success so being on the floor could imply the opposite.

It could be a good time for you to increase your training regime as, your brain will communicate to you in pictures that need to be decoded just as we encode our numbers.

Dai Griffiths

ps. A book can only guide you because the true answer to your nightly thoughts only exist in your own mind. As Aristotle once said, we never learn anything that we don't already know.

Nobody Important said...

I too have long toes. The front of most shoes are always made too narrow, thereby uncomfortably cramming my poor toes into submission. However, having long toes does have it's benefits, like picking up objects that fail to make it into the trash can on the first throw.

Zoomy said...

Nobody with long toes is a nobody important! Long-toed folk are what makes the world go round! Especially in areas where wine-treading is the most important industry.