Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vicious cycle

It's the Great Notts Bike Ride tomorrow. I haven't registered for it this time, but I'm sort of contemplating going along anyway. I probably won't, if only because I realise I'd only be doing it as an excuse not to practice memorising, and I want to be fierce with myself about that. If I've got until December now, it's actually not impossible for me to do reasonably well, with just a little bit more devotion and motivation than I'm currently mustering.

Still, I'm going to stop blogging about memory stuff now, I've been doing that too much lately. I'll find a new and exciting subject tomorrow.


Philodoof said...

What about blogging about pancakes, the Nubian Desert, pelicans or pelicans eating pancakes in the Nubian Desert?^^ The fact that nobody has ever seen a pelican eating a pancake in the Nubian Desert foreshadows that they do that by stealth.^^ And they wouldn't do that by stealth, if there isn't more about it. ^^

Anonymous said...

Unqualified guess: The new date is December 1st to 6th. But just one week after that the Asian Para Games with 6000 competitors will take place in Guangzhou and the government wont allow a big event before that eather. The organizing commitee will have to move the WMSC once again, but since that will mean no event in 2010 they are to shy to announce that yet.