Wednesday, June 23, 2010


See, I told you I'd blog about something different tonight! Tennis, or men's singles tennis at any rate, is rubbish. It went through a period a few years ago where it wasn't so rubbish, but now it's more rubbish than it ever was. Case in point - that match tonight that has just been suspended at 59 games each in the final set. No breaks of serve. This is what happens when players are all about big serves and no technique, and that's a fair description of all the top players in the men's game at the moment. So now once again people are saying we should scrap the rule that there are no tie-breaks in the final set, but frankly if you do that you might as well just have the two players toss a coin at the start of the game to decide who wins - it would be just as accurate a measure of tennis-playing ability.

Tennis bosses, whoever you may be (I don't really know who owns tennis nowadays), take the technology out of it, make them play with old-fashioned wood-and-catgut rackets, and we might actually see some interesting games.

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Cheeky~Bandit said...

One of my friends said on facebook that because of the match being 59-59 in the final set "that's why tennis is the greatest sport on the planet!". I told him that the place should be renamed the All England Lawn Tennis, Croquet and Watching Paint Dry Club, and perhaps adding Quidditch to their name as they seem to like ficticious sports.