Thursday, June 10, 2010


I haven't really got the time to talk at length about the Mental Calculation World Cup, but I should just make it clear that it was an excellent competition, very well organised and a lot of fun. And the fact that a whole lot of grown men were hugely outclassed by an eleven-year-old girl makes it all the more fun! It's interesting that the best overall score in the events that all the competitors (except for me) had prepared for in advance was by the aforementioned youngest competitor, and the best score in the 'surprise tasks' was by the oldest. That probably says something about age or educational standards or something like that.

Anyway, I need to practice mental calculation some more. But more urgently, I need to practice memory. Starting next week, I'm going back to posting daily training scores on my blog. It worked for a fortnight or so, let's see if it can work again.

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robertas S. said...

Hi, Zoomy, I wanted only to give a link to another, less serious and less difficult International Mental Math tournament (for schoolchildrens), which is held every year in one of these 4 countries: 3 Baltic countries or Slovenia. You can just look for it :) on this page - → Mental Calculations → Training place.