Sunday, June 27, 2010

And it's entirely the referee's fault!

It would have been so much more thematically appropriate if England had lost 4-2 to Germany, with one of England's goals being a controversial one that hit the crossbar and bounced just behind the line. Bad refereeing and a lack of hawkeye technology on the goalline has ruined a resoundingly ironic scoreline. Bad drama.

Anyway, I got a Whoopee Annual 1985 for 50p today (most of the pages are detached from the spine, but they're all in there), so I'm happy. Ah, the Bumpkin Billionaires. Now that's skillful writing - every strip had a plot of "the family try to get rid of all their money but somehow end up richer than ever", and they produced one a week for something like twenty years, and they were usually very funny too! And Fun Fear and 'Orrible Hole and Evil Eye... it's been said before but it's still true, kids these days are terribly deprived, growing up without entertainment like this.


Jimbo said...

I used to get the Whoopee comic when I was young (a long while ago!). Does the annual have Splog in it? How about the rather perverse Danny's Tranny?

Zoomy said...

They were in the Topper, not the Whoopee. But I've always wondered why Viz have never thought to do their own version of Danny's Tranny (about a lucky young boy who owns a transsexual with magic powers - tweak his left nipple to make things lighter than air, and so on...)

Jimbo said...

ahhh - i am getting confused - yes i used to get Topper each week - i must have read Whoopee when i visited my grandma - she used to buy it because she had so many young grandchildren.