Sunday, April 18, 2010

What a lovely weekend!

All nice and sunny and warm, perfect playing-outside weather. I really hope next weekend is full of rain and hail and sleet and snow and volcanic ash, because next weekend is Printing Things Out Weekend, that most tedious weekend in my memory-competition calendar, when I sit around indoors for at least several hours making sure I've got all the memorisation and recall papers and other accessories ready for the Cambridge Memory Championship.

Speaking of which, confirmed competitor list (TWO people dropped out today, but it's still a healthy number - let's just hope the planes are flying again by May 2nd...):

Nelson Dellis (USA)
James Ponder (England)
John Burrows (Wales)
Mark Aarøe Nissen (Denmark)
Idriz Zogaj (Sweden)
Mattias Ribbing (Sweden)
Taras Bulgya (Ukraine)
Christian Schäfer (Germany)
Nicolai Lassen (Denmark)
Oliver Strand (Sweden)
Dave Billington (England)

Have I missed anyone? There are also unconfirmed competitors who might well be there too, Mike from America, Sam from England, there are probably others I've forgotten, so please do let me know, if you're out there.

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Dai said...

Good luck Ben . I'm looking forward to it :-)