Friday, April 02, 2010

Well, now I'm depressed. But in a good way.

Looking for something completely different in the comic shop today (it was sold out, but never mind), I came across the best comic I've read for absolutely ages. It's called "Whatever Happened To The World's Fastest Man?", by Dave West, and it's hugely recommended to everyone who's reading this blog, whether you like comics or not. Especially if not. What are you doing reading my blog if you don't like comics?

It's a very downbeat kind of story, and it did leave me feeling depressed, but only in the sense of having read a real masterpiece. I'll make up for it by reading something more bland and cheerful (I've started on my complete collection of Alpha Flight, like I said I would - John Byrne's initial stories are not at all bland, but certainly cheerful enough to cheer me up, and the unrelenting misery of the Bill Mantlo issues that come after it is something I've got accustomed to by now, so there's no need to worry there).

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Michelle said...

Ha ha I love comics! DC and Marvel comics are my favorite :). Oh and speaking of comics / cartoons lol how are those pocket dragon adventures episodes coming?